Labor Rates:

Labor Rates are charged from the time the mechanic arrives at the boat to the time he leaves for the day.  If there is offsite work to be performed, labor rates only apply while the mechanic is actually working.  There is no labor charge for travel time.  Travel time is billed at a fixed rate based on mileage and most local jobs have no travel charge (see travel rates).  There are no miscellaneous fees, disposal fees, or extra service charges.  You pay for the time that the mechanic is working, the parts, and sales tax.

Lead Mechanic: $105.00 per hour

Mechanic's Assistant: $25.00 per hour

Out of town/International Travel:

We understand that unexpected breakdowns can leave you stranded at odd hours in remote locations with limited help and resources.  Therefore we are available and on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and willing to go as far as required to meet our customers' needs.

Out of town/International travel rates are calculated on a case by case basis, with the customer being responsible for all associated travel, lodging, and shipping expenses.


Engine Service in Palm Beach

Insured & Factory Certified Technicians

Travel Rates:

There is no travel charge for most local jobs.  For travel outside of the local area, rates are based on the driving distance from Palm Beach Gardens.  There is a flat fee for each travel day.  The rates are:

Less than 50 miles round trip: Free

Less than 100 miles round trip: $50.00

Less than 150 miles round trip: $100.00

Less than 200 miles round trip: $175.00

Above 200 miles: add $0.85 per mile

Free for new customers:

1 hour engine room inspection - We will look over all main engine and generator subsystems, explain each system to the customer, and point out potential problems.